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From the “father of all wheat” the true cereal and food innovation.

A precious asset from the Bronze Age

In 3000 B.C. Einkorn wheat was one of the main cereal crops in the Po Valley. Analysis of the remains of food found in the stomach of Ötzi, the man dating back to the bronze age found in Val Senales nel 1991 (also called the “Hauslabjoch mummy”), confirms that his last meal mainly consisted of einkorn wheat. The shape of the axe, amongst the retrieved objects of this ancestor of ours, also leads us to believe that he was connected to the Remedello Culture, in the nearby Brescia plains. Thanks to spontaneous cross-breeding with other species, Einkorn wheat has given rise to much of today’s known wheat (durum and tender wheat), for this reason it is called the “father of all wheat”. It was slowly replaced by the more productive spelt, in turn abandoned in favour of durum wheat, which is easier to use and has higher yields.

Rediscovery and recovery

It survived as a spontaneous crop in Alpine micro-areas, the seeds were recovered and planted in the plains. Sustainable both in terms of its healthiness for the organism and for the health of the environment, it bears witness to our agricultural and gastronomic tradition. The main promoter of this splendid project of development and enhancement is the Comunità del Cibo which intends to spread the use of einkorn wheat in cooking by promoting a short growing and processing chain.


Shebar®, the Einkorn wheat from the Brescia plains

Shebar® is the trademark of Einkorn wheat from the Brescia Plains, synonymous of quality and a guarantee of genuineness. The term “Shebar” itself has an ancient origin: “She” was the goddess of wheat of the ancient Sumerians and Shebar was the name given to wheat. Einkorn wheat requires a clayey soil, lots of water and sunshine to grow. These characteristics are abundant in the Po valley and this is highlighted by the production, which reaches high levels of quality and genuineness.


Naturally “organic”

Suited also to poorer soils, it has an excellent capacity for adapting and an extraordinary resistance to parasites and fungal illnesses. It does not require fertilizers or lots of watering. The plant’s growth density and its imposing root system, thus naturally keep at bay the growth of weeds. Its rusticity and its great adaptability to the environment make Einkorn wheat an excellent candidate for organic and biodynamic agriculture, with low environmental impact.


From Mill to Plate. Find out our production process

1 We only select the best ancient Italian organic wheat.
2 We mill the whole grains with natural stone, just like the olden days.
3 We use all the parts of the grain: the fibre, the starch and the wheat germ, to guarantee a complete product.
4 We immediately make the dough so that the aromatic and nutritional properties of the wheat germ remain unchanged, because with contact with the air they tend to oxidize, changing the taste of the product.
5 We extrude all of our cuts through bronze dies, giving the pasta a rough exterior texture that holds sauces perfectly.
6 We slow-dried at low temperatures. We dry the pasta for more than 20 hours at a low temperature to keep the nutritional properties and aromatic flavor intact.

Excellent nutritional properties

Einkorn wheat has a protein content exceeding that of all other cultivated cereals, and a nutritional value qualitatively better than that of common wheat. From a nutritional viewpoint, it is characterized by an exceptional richness of proteins, mineral salts, vitamins, carotenoids (vitamin A), tocopherols, the biologically most active form of vitamin E, as well as by its high zinc and iron content.

VITAMIN A 35 times higher
LUITEN 4 times higher
Riboflavin 5 times higher
Beta-carotene 4 times higher
than common grains

It has low gluten content and has low tenacity.

It contains 7 chromosomes, unlike the 44 present in modern wheat, and thus has the same assimilation speed as fruit or vegetables.

All our shapes






Organic dried pasta:

Conchiglioni (New)







Fresh filled pasta:

and other shapes







Tomato and Mozzarella,
Bagoss Cheese,
Ham and fig ,
Pumpkin and many others















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