The magic of fresh pasta, filled and shaped entirely by hand

There is a magical charm in watching our artisans work with their hands, stuffing a panzerotto, folding a bauletto or shaping a spiga. Theirs is a process inspired by tradition, from the carefully-portioned ingredients to the thin sheets of pasta enclosing the finest fillings, all the way to the finishing touches on every single product made entirely by hand. The secret to our pasta? Skill, precision and care.

Passion, experimentation and creativity
are the heart and soul of each of our lines


The finest fillings, wrapped in a thin veil of pasta

The finest ingredients, carefully selected and enveloped in delicate pasta, made to showcase all its flavours. No added dyes, preservatives or artificial flavourings. Delicious original recipes that breathe new life into a one-of-a-kind story: the great traditions of Italian cuisine. Intensely delicious ingredients perfectly balanced to create a pasta that no one had dreamed of before.

Every day, we breathe new life into the great tradition of Italian cuisine with our courage and creativity.
Discover our product lines.



The goodness of Tradizioni Padane’s Gourmet line tells a story of creativity and attention to detail. Our pasta casings, for example, are just 0.4 mm thick, able to hold our innovative fillings securely without overwhelming or overshadowing them.


The timeless taste of all things delicious and authentic. Generous fillings, wrapped in a rough and full-bodied egg pasta to bring out all their flavour and authenticity.


The intense flavour and freshness of the finest ingredients, from certified organic agriculture. A line dedicated to those who wish to live in harmony with the environment without giving up delicious and tasty flavours.


This is the beginning of a new tradition. From thirty years of experience making fresh pasta by hand comes a new vegan product line, dedicated to those who have decided to eliminate all meat, fish and other animal products from their diet, as well as those who simply prefer a light and healthy diet.



Our plain fresh pasta line is made with the highest quality flour and fresh organic eggs from select farms. The delicate process of bronze drawing gives the pasta a rougher and more porous texture, excellent for better holding sauces and toppings.



Made only with the best organic durum wheat semolina, our pasta guarantees all the goodness of tradition. The bronze drawing process gives it a rough surface, which allows it to “hold” sauces better, and the extremely delicate and slow drying method preserves the precious nutritional values and flavours of good wheat.


Biodynamic agriculture is a way of living on, respecting and working the land. Our dry pasta line is made with ingredients produced through biodynamic agriculture and processed by hand, to guarantee the unique flavour that makes our products stand out.


A new source of fibre and protein with our enriched, 100% organic line. Our durum wheat semolina is naturally enriched with legumes, including chickpeas, peas, lentils, beans, and other special ingredients like spirulina, turmeric, ginger, and hemp.


More flavour and more magic in the kitchen with our 100% organic flavoured line. Our durum wheat semolina is flavoured with basil, lemon, chives, and many other flavours. The flavours used are 100% natural, with no chemical dyes or preservatives.


Einkorn is an ancient variety of wheat, possibly the first ever cultivated by humankind. Our einkorn line boasts many impressive qualities in terms of nutrition: high levels of protein, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, along with a more-digestible form of gluten.


Two lines of 100% organic pastina, a good source of fibre and protein. BIM BUM BIO is an organic pastina enriched with cereals and vegetables. Tasty and nutritious, it gives just the right amount of energy for children’s daily activities. PASTINA+, designed to enhance broths and velvety soups, is enriched with cereals and vegetables, all grown on Demeter-certified biodynamic farms.



Bringing Italian tradition and taste to the world

We were founded in Gottolengo (province of Brescia) in 1991. That was the era of industrialisation in our sector, but we chose to go against the grain, dedicating ourselves to the revival of local culinary traditions and forgotten production methods, rediscovering the inestimable value of the HANDMADE. The recipe for our success? Artisan craftsmanship and all-natural ingredients, with no added colouring, preservatives, or artificial flavours. The rest comes down to a perfect balance of those ingredients and the care we put into preparing each product. By cultivating excellence we have become interpreters of Italian taste, broadcasting it all over the world and making it accessible to people of different cultures.
We like to think of our traditional flavours as a bridge between cultures and an opportunity for dialogue with people of all faiths. That is why we produce our pasta with full respect for different beliefs and modern lifestyles. Today, the balance between craftsmanship and technology allows us to maintain a very high standard even when producing large quantities, with particular attention to the use of eco-friendly materials and production processes, like our new 100% recyclable dry pasta packaging, which reduces our use of plastic and impact on natural resources, while maintaining a 36-month shelf life. Upon request, we can also develop “tailor-made” pasta designs to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Tradizioni Padane
via Brescia, 50
Gottolengo (BS) Italy